Getting Started

Entertainment Industry Acronyms to Know

Sometimes, reading about the entertainment industry can be like reading alphabet soup. But don’t worry – this guide will help you make sense of your journey as you get started.

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How to Start a Family Entertainment Center Business

So you want to get your FEC started? This article will walk you through 10 steps every new business must take, including identifying your goals, securing funding and creating a business plan, hiring your team, and marketing your launch.

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The Milestones of Opening a New Entertainment Facility

Opening a new business is a ton of work and it’s easy to get lost in the details. We’ve helped hundreds of new entertainment businesses through the process and wanted to give you an idea of the milestones you’ll overcome at each phase.

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How A Vivid Vision Helps Your Business Plan for the Future

You are full of elaborate ideas about what your dream business will look like one day, but how do you organize those thoughts and share them with your team? See why top companies are creating a Vivid Vision to help.

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Don't Forget About Storage Space

Let’s talk about the skeleton in everyone’s closet: storage space. It’s easy to overlook as an entertainment facility, but critical to your long term success to build into your plan.

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The Encouraging Health of the Entertainment Industry

Is this a good time to be starting an entertainment business? See why the top experts in the industry answer that question with a resounding “YES.”

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  • Educational presentations, operator interviews, and panel discussions
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  • Theme Factory tour and FEC site visit
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Join Us In Person at the Amusement 360 Event

The Amusement 360 event is the best place to learn how to serve your guests and employees, create more memories, and build a more profitable business. Featuring dozens of presentations, networking, personal and professional development, and more… you won’t want to miss this live event JUST for FEC operators!

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