360 Event

The Amusement Education Event for Startups and Operators

Find Your Purpose & Passion And Build A More Profitable Business

NEW DATE: March 22-24








Virtual and In-Person Tickets Available

Your Business Is Worth It

The pandemic tested you in ways you never thought possible, but you didn’t back down. Then the recovery hit and the customers came back, but you didn’t have the staff to handle the crowds. Now, there’s a good chance you feel a bit burnt out, overworked, and understaffed. It may seem like you don’t have the time to get away and attend and educational event like this…

But you need to make the time, because your business is worth it. You fought so hard to keep things going over the last 2 years, and we want to help you find your Purpose And Passion again. We want you to remember WHY you’re in this business – why the smiles, laughs, and memories matter. And, of course, we want you to be profitable along the way.

The Amusement 360 Event is the best place to rediscover your passion for this industry and learn the tools to become more profitable. This event features dozens of presentations, networking, personal and professional development, site visits, and a whole lot more. We’re ready to help you dominate your market now and far into the future.



You’ll meet 60-80 operators from around the country. This is your opportunity to network, ask questions, and learn.



Some of the best experts in the industry will present and provide actionable tips to help you grow your business.



We have operator interviews and panel discussions where you can ask questions and collaborate with everyone in the room.


Site Visits

Visit and tour multiple entertainment centers. Analyze the differences in layout and market to make more informed choices for your own business.


1-on-1 Meetings

Schedule meetings with the top vendors in the industry to deep-dive on your project, your needs, and your goals.

Is 360 Right For You?

We’ve had hundreds of existing and aspiring operators attend this event from all over the world. Even though they all had unique challenges, the experts at this event helped set them up for long-term success.

New Startups

As you look to open your first venue, there is so much to learn. How much space do you need? What attractions make most sense for your goals? What are the best ways to get financing? How do I hire the right employees? At this event, experts will answer all these questions for you. In fact, we have a series of 5 presentations specifically catered to you as a new startup.

Plus you’ll get the opportunity to watch interviews with existing operators, network with others in the industry, watch valuable panel discussions, and more. The things you’ll learn at this event will help you avoid mistakes, save money, and create a foundation for long-term success.

Register for a Premium Ticket to gain access to everything.

Existing Operators

At this event, you have the opportunity to come back to meet with operators face-to-face for education, networking, and fun! Sure, we also have virtual registration available, but we know the power of being here in person if you’re able to travel. Either way, there will be so much valuable content for you at this event: risk mitigation, PR and marketing strategies, avoiding hidden costs, employee productivity, operator interviews, and much more.

Plus we have some amazing keynote speakers, including a former FBI-trained hostage negotiator will give you the tools to communicate more effectively with your employees, your customers, and your community.

Register for a Premium Ticket to gain access to everything.

What Makes 360 Different?

All the educational events in this industry are beneficial. In fact, we attend and support many of them. Because there are so many great events, we’ve worked hard to make 360 different:


  • It’s 100% education-focused. No sales pitches and no pressure.
  • See panel discussions that are beneficial to both operators and startups.
  • The content includes high-level business strategy and leadership skills for owners.
  • We also cover day-to-day operations content for you and your managers.
  • We help you create actionable goals and we provide accountability follow-up calls.
  • We have site visits, operator interviews, keynote presentations, and much more.


Several members of our own team are speaking, and we love sharing our extensive attraction knowledge with operators from around the world. We also work with the best speakers, experts, and consultants in the amusement industry. These experts will provide action items you can apply to every aspect of your business.

Coming Soon! We are finalizing the full speaker lineup for March’s event.


We will have an amazing lineup of content for you at this event. Everything from leadership strategies and risk mitigation to operational tactics and marketing strategies.

Coming Soon! We are finalizing the full agenda, but the event will start at 2:00pm Eastern on Tuesday March 22, and end around 3:00pm Eastern on Thursday March 24.


*You will receive a printed booklet if you are in the USA and register for a virtual ticket by March 4. All in-person tickets will receive a printed booklet regardless of registration date.

**You will have access to recordings for the presentations in your ticket. Recordings will be available for 30 days after the event.


100% of attendees surveyed would recommend this event to industry colleagues. We’ll let them do the talking…

Stacey Niedfeldt, Widgets

“The amount and quality of information these past 2 days would have taken countless days and hours of research and reading to obtain on my own. There is no substitution or better event to attend as a laser tag operator or FEC owner.”

Bob Switalski, Fun N Stuff Amusements

“Creative Works brought together a large number of industry professionals that helped provide invaluable information, best practices, and insight into our industry. They combined it with just the right amount of leadership and practical business knowledge to help improve existing companies and give a great foundation to future businesses.”

Tommy Barberini, Oak Mountain Lanes

“I wish we would have attended this event before we opened our bowling alley. The information provided was extremely eye opening, even after 13 years of being in the business. We would have definitely done some things differently had we attended this event before opening. I highly recommend this to anyone that is thinking about opening any type of entertainment center.”

Brit Jacobs, Langer Entertainment LLC

“A must for the owner considering building or upgrading a facility. Would recommend revisiting every 3 years at a minimum.”

Daniel Antoniou, Xplore Kids, Inc.

“As an FEC owner this trip has been worth every minute. Very relevant and insightful information shared by the industry’s best.”

Shannon Kubiak, FunDimension

“I can honestly say that unless you are a consultant, you WILL learn and find something to apply to your FEC or to yourself for improvement.”

Kim Green, Xtreme Adventure Zone

“This event has provided so much insight into the family entertainment industry as well as so many valuable relationships going forward. Every member of the Creative Works staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and so energetic. This has been an awesome experience and the attention to detail has been amazing.”

Location and Travel

The 360 Event takes place at the brand-new Embassy Suites Event Center near the Indianapolis airport. The hotel is attached to the event center, so you can experience the entire event without needing to drive anywhere.

Event Location

Embassy Suites Event Center

2353 Perry Road, Plainfield, IN, 46168

Event Hotel

Embassy Suites Hotel

A block of rooms has been reserved for March 21-25.

The deadline to book a room is March 1 at 11:59 PM.


Booking Code: CW2

6089 Clarks Creek Road, Plainfield, IN 46168

Event Details

Event Start

Check-in begins Day 1 (Tuesday) and the event will start promptly at 2:00pm

Event Conclusion

The event will conclude on Day 3 (Thursday) around 3:00pm, but we encourage you to stay through the night for other networking opportunities. The attendees who fly out Thursday afternoon/evening usually miss the final few presentations. If you’re investing the time and money to attend, you probably don’t want to miss anything.


We will provide snacks and dinner on Day 1 (Tuesday), lunch and dinner on Day 2 (Wednesday), and lunch on Day 3 (Thursday). You receive complimentary breakfast every morning if you stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Take Notes

You’ll receive an informational binder in which you can take notes of everything you learn during the event.


Please bring a light jacket or wear layers as the conference room will be quite cool and we want you to stay comfortable.


Some adult language will be used during the event. Attendees should be at least 18 years old and involved in the business.


Will the event sell out?
The 360 Event has grown in popularity over the years, and it almost always sells out. To make sure you don’t miss it your chance, register today!
What if I have a scheduling conflict and can't attend the upcoming event?
We completely understand. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why we host this event multiple times each year. If you can’t attend the upcoming event, take a look at our future dates.
What will I learn?
In short, you’ll learn everything you need to successfully open and operate attractions. This includes design & development topics (site design, real estate negotiations, funding strategy, etc) and marketing & operation topics (attraction operations, hiring and training, marketing, etc). Plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow operators from across the country.
What's included in my registration cost?
We take care of just about everything you need. We cover all meals from Monday dinner through Wednesday lunch. In addition, we provide a custom event binder where you can take notes, along with a welcome bag with lots of goodies. Your registration does not include travel or lodging.
What should I bring?
A positive mindset! This event is packed with information, so make sure you’re ready to learn and engage. As mentioned in the previous FAQ, we provide just about everything else you need, but bring a jacket or wear layers as the conference space will be quite cool. If you have site designs, business plans, or any other materials, bring them. These will be helpful during your 1-on-1 meetings with our team and the other vendors.
What time does the event start?

The event starts on Day 1 at 4:00pm. For full details on the times and schedule, please see the Agenda section of this page.

If I already operate a center, is this the right event for me?
Yes! You’ll learn a lot of practical operations, marketing, and leadership info that will improve your staff, your facility, and your profits.
If I want to open my first center, is this the right event for me?
Yes! You’ll learn about finding the right location, funding your project, designing your site, and selecting the right attractions. Plus you’ll get a ton of practical operations, marketing, and leadership info that will set you up for success when you open.
What partners/vendors will you have at the event?
We pride ourselves on working with the best vendors in the industry. You can see the full list of partners attending this show in the next section on this page.


This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing Partners. All of these companies will be present at the event, so you can schedule 1-on-1 time to ask questions and learn about their products and services.

Mini Melts

More Partners are being finalized and will be added to this list soon!