Amusement 360 Event

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We bring the best together to educate, inspire, and share the tools for success in 2021 and beyond

February 23-25, 2021








Go ALL IN For Your Business

Let’s state the obvious and say 2020 was a rough year. Your business suffered and your determination was tested. But after it all, you’re still standing! There are thousands of other business owners standing alongside you. The virtual Amusement 360 Event is made for operators like you. Operators who are ready to take action, learn from experts, and get the tools to succeed right now. These steps will set the foundation to thrive in the future.

This is not the time to slow down or back off. It’s time to double-down and go ALL IN for your business. If you’re ready to create a better future in 2021, join the movement and register now.

Is 360 Right For You?

We’ve been hosting 360 Events for years, and in 2020 we had more than 800 existing and aspiring operators sign up. You know what? Every attendee surveyed said they would recommend this event to industry colleages. This upcoming February event will be streamlined to deliver the best, actionable content to help your business right now. If you have an existing facility or you’re looking to open one, you need to register now.

Go Beyond Online Research

Smart business owners know there’s something special about engaging with live content like this. It’s one thing to passively read a blog post online. But there’s something truly amazing about being in the room, asking questions, and seeing how other operators solve their problems. 

We work hard to create events that are educational, valuable, and fun! After all, this is the amusement industry, so why not have fun while we tackle important business challenges? Here’s a recap of our last virtual event in October.


Several members of our own team are speaking, and we love sharing our extensive attraction knowledge with operators from around the world. We also work with the best speakers, experts, and consultants in the amusement industry. These experts will provide action items you can apply to every aspect of your business.

The speaker lineup for the February event will be announced soon.


We’re finalizing a jam-packed schedule of content that will immediately impact your business and give you actionable next steps.

The agenda for the February event will be announced soon.


The 360 Event has received amazing reviews from hundreds of attendees over the years. We’ll let them do the talking…

Stacey Niedfeldt, Widgets

“The amount and quality of information these past 2 days would have taken countless days and hours of research and reading to obtain on my own. There is no substitution or better event to attend as a laser tag operator or FEC owner.”

Bob Switalski, Fun N Stuff Amusements

“Creative Works brought together a large number of industry professionals that helped provide invaluable information, best practices, and insight into our industry. They combined it with just the right amount of leadership and practical business knowledge to help improve existing companies and give a great foundation to future businesses.”

Tommy Barberini, Oak Mountain Lanes

“I wish we would have attended this event before we opened our bowling alley. The information provided was extremely eye opening, even after 13 years of being in the business. We would have definitely done some things differently had we attended this event before opening. I highly recommend this to anyone that is thinking about opening any type of entertainment center.”

Brit Jacobs, Langer Entertainment LLC

“A must for the owner considering building or upgrading a facility. Would recommend revisiting every 3 years at a minimum.”

Daniel Antoniou, Xplore Kids, Inc.

“As an FEC owner this trip has been worth every minute. Very relevant and insightful information shared by the industry’s best.”

Shannon Kubiak, FunDimension

“I can honestly say that unless you are a consultant, you WILL learn and find something to apply to your FEC or to yourself for improvement.”

Kim Green, Xtreme Adventure Zone

“This event has provided so much insight into the family entertainment industry as well as so many valuable relationships going forward. Every member of the Creative Works staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and so energetic. This has been an awesome experience and the attention to detail has been amazing.”


What if I have a scheduling conflict and can't attend every session?
We completely understand. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. We recommend registering (it’s free) and attending the sessions that you can make. And if you register for a Platinum Ticket, you gain access to the session recordings from this event.
What will I learn?
If you’re in the process of opening a new facility, you’ll learn everything to set a strong foundation for success: target demographics, financing, attraction mix, facility design, attraction operations, and more. If you’re an existing business owner, you’ll learn from some of the most successful operators on a variety of topics: the new normal of guest interaction, Esports and small attractions, food and beverage, and more.
What's included in my registration cost?
Different benefits will be included depending on the ticket type you choose. For more details, see the Register section of this page.
What should I bring?
A positive mindset! This event is packed with information, so make sure you’re ready to learn and engage. Plus you’ll want a pen to take lots of notes.
What time does the event start?
Both Day 1 and Day 2 start at 10:30am Eastern. For full details on the times and schedule, please see the Agenda section of this page.
If I already operate a center, is this the right event for me?
Yes! You’ll learn a lot of practical operation info that will improve your staff, your facility, and your profits.
If I want to open my first center, is this the right event for me?
Yes! You’ll learn about finding the right location, funding your project, designing your site, and selecting the right attractions. Plus you’ll get a ton of practical operations, marketing, and leadership info that will set you up for success when you open.
What partners/vendors are supporting the event?
We pride ourselves on working with the best vendors in the industry. You can see the full list of partners supporting this show in the next section on this page.


This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing Partners. All of these companies will be at the event, so you can ask questions and learn about their products and services.

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