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We believe in the power of continual education to fuel ambitious operators and entrepreneurs.

Are you ambitious? If so, you’re always looking for ways to level up. You don’t settle for the status quo or “good enough.” You want to improve your operations, your customer experience, your leadership skills, and anything else that will impact your business.

The Amusement 360 program is designed specifically for you. It’s a multi-faceted education program that empowers you to level up your business and your life.


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Fuel your ambition right away. Browse our collection of free educational articles and videos that will help you level up your business.


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Attend this immersive seminar where you’ll hear from experts, get personal feedback, and learn how other operators solve their problems.


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Ready for more? Take your operations to the next level with personalized, on-site attraction training for your employees, managers, and owners.

Recent Educational Insights

Enhancing Sales

This educational post was provided by Bruce Nussbaum from Trifecta Management Group. About the Author: In her role as Senior Director of Team Development for Trifecta Management Group, Kim Wheeler develops and oversees training and development programs for all...

Enhancing Chances for Your Success

This educational post was provided by Bruce Nussbaum from Trifecta Management Group. About the Author: Bruce Nussbaum is a founding member of Trifecta Management Group. He brings a unique combination of a Harvard Law-trained lawyer with extensive transactional...

How to Turn Dissatisfied Guests into Loyal Advocates

This educational post was provided by Josh Liebman from ROLLER Software. $21,600 That’s the cost of a bad guest experience. Research has indicated that a single negative online review will turn away up to 30 prospective guests from visiting you, which means we’re...

The Scary Truth of Not Having EPLI Coverage at Your FEC

This educational post was provided by SafePark USA. What is EPLI Coverage? Employment Practices Liability Insurance is available to protect businesses for both first-party (employment related) and third-party (customer and vendor) lawsuits involving such issues as...

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We’ve had hundreds of new and existing operators use our program to improve their businesses. 

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