An often overlooked item in most family entertainment centers, you need to account for storage space in your plans.

Welcome to another 360 Insights video where we provide actual tips and information for those looking to build a family entertainment center or are already running one.

Today I want to talk about storage space. It’s a short quick tip but also often overlooked item in most facilities as they get built and designed.

When storage space is considered, normally in an entertainment center they’re thinking, “Hey, we’re not retail, we don’t need to have this big stock of shirts, boxes, clothes, whatever the case may be because we’re not stocking shelves like a typical retail space.”

But you do need to account for certain things, one area where we are very similar to a lot of the normal retail areas is going to be a redemption counter, you’re only going to be able to get so many prices out and in the open, you’re going to need to have some backups and some spares and a place to put them.

They’re also some other less common things that sometimes just kind of get overlooked.

They might be things like your food if you’re doing a kitchen, paper products, things for your birthday party packages and other corporate events but even general maintenance items, ladders, vacuums, brooms, mops, light bulbs, an area for your equipment, if you’ve got arcade pieces or laser tag, bumper cars, all those kind of things are going to have to have spare parts kept and an area to work on those things.

So make sure you’re accounting for that when you design or operate your facility.

Nothing looks worse when you’ve done all you can to create a top-notch experience than seeing a couple ladders stuck between a couple video games that are exposed and being able to be seen, seeing stuff kind of stacked behind the counter, they need to have a place and it needs to be out of sight when not in use.

So just keep that in mind as you’re designing your facility that you want to ensure that you account for the storage space that you might need that you probably haven’t even thought of yet.
Hope this helps, keep an eye out for the next tip and get after it.