VP of Sales, Russ Van Natta, talks about how you can make your laser tag briefing more fun, and how it impacts your guests’ overall experience.

Hello and welcome to another 360 Insight from your friends here at Creative Works where we give you actionable items and tips for your entertainment business.

Today, we want to talk to you guys about the briefing experience as part of your overall laser tag attraction.

Now, this is a great opportunity for your employees to take on and make something their own, enhance the guest experience and make sure that everyone is having a fun and engaging time.

One of the things that we really tried to focus on at my facility was going beyond just the briefing video.

Now, the briefing video that comes along with your equipment manufacturers elements is very helpful and informative, it shows them what things that they should be doing to maximize their scores and how to interact with the different targets and elements but we need to take it a step further and add that secret sauce where we really engage with the guests.

And so, we can do this in a number of ways, one is reading the audience.

So if we have a younger group, if it’s a birthday party of seven and eight-year-olds, really having some fun with them of, “Hey guys, when you’re putting on your vests, make sure you don’t have a tail, we’re not kangaroos here.”

If we’re looking at things like having bachelor parties come through on a late Saturday night, we even had employees that would do a rap that would complement additional pieces to the briefing video.

And so, this is a wonderful opportunity for your employees to stay fresh and relevant as part of the guest experience but also help create those memories that are going to last with people and encourage them to come back again and again because ultimately that’s what this is all about, not only just to reinforcing fun and save gameplay and having a good time while we do that but giving them another reason at every step when they’re engaging with your staff to come back again and again because that’s the longevity and that’s what’s going to keep you in business long-term and get those wonderful Yelp and social media reviews.

So hopefully, this’s been a little helpful in starting to get the wheels turning for you guys as you start to look to make the laser tag brief your own.

Be sure to tune in next time for more 360 Insights actionable tips.

Now, go get after it.