Here’s a quick tip on how you can get repeat customers by providing a unique birthday experience at your family entertainment center, brought to you by Creative Works VP of Marketing, Danny.

Welcome to another 360 Insights video where we share actionable tips for your entertainment center.

Today, I want to talk about birthday parties.

Birthday parties are a huge part of revenue for almost every family entertainment center.

The goal really is to provide an amazing experience for the birthday child and their family and friends so that they’ll want to come back to your facility again in the future for either their someone else’s birthday party or just to have fun on a weekend.

So, there is a really great way and a simple trick that you can use to be able to start that amazing experience right when they get to your facility and that’s through the process of creating reserved parking spots.

What you want to do is right upfront by your front door, have several reserved parking spots for birthday parties and let’s say Jackson is coming in for his party, before he comes in, you’re going to write out on a board right in front of that parking spot, “Reserved for Jackson and his family.”

And let the family know that they have a reserved parking spot ahead of time so they know to look for it, and then when they roll up, they can go right toward your front door and then, they have their reserved parking spot.

It makes the child feel special, it makes the parents feel special and really starts that amazing experience before they even walk in your door.

There are a couple other benefits to this as well because when they’re leaving your facility after the birthday party is over, it makes it a lot easier for them to carry gifts back to the car because the car is right by the front door.

This is especially helpful if there is bad weather, if it’s raining or maybe if it’s snowing, if you’re in the Midwest or the northeast or somewhere where you get a lot of snow.

So, this little tip can really help create an amazing experience for your guests and it can help them coming back again in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this tip, now go ahead and get after it.