This educational post was provided by Player One Amusement Group.

The one constant is change…this is a phrase that has become especially true now. For FECs this applies to both the evolution of games and amusements, and to the changing expectations of consumers. Dark, dingy, and old tired games will not earn very well and give customers the impression that you do not offer the latest in entertainment choices.

Games are the heart and soul of an FEC. Traditional games have a special place and consumers want to be able to play their favorites, from table games to alleys, basketball games to redemption games. Yet even the tried and true favorites are evolving to offer a richer consumer experience. As an operator, you need to tailor your game mix to fit your specific audience, while ensuring there is a sufficient feeling of novelty to keep the customers coming back.

Some ways to do this are to include updated game models that incorporate new designs such as improved lights, colors, and sounds. Also consider games that incorporate both a traditional physical element with a digital bonus or digital aspect to the game play.

New game concepts are also extremely important such as Virtual Reality. However key considerations need to be made when choosing a new concept to add. How much space do you have to allocate to a new attraction? What is your customer demographic? This will help you decide between options such as a free-roam vs a stationary ride virtual reality experience.

Customers now expect more attraction choices when attending an FEC, so the consumer experience becomes vital in planning your games and attractions. Arcades are the mainstay, yet new experiences are key to generate repeat visits. This applies to new arcade games and VR, but also attractions such as Ax Throwing, Laser Tag, Climbing Walls, and more. A thorough strategic evaluation of your space, consumers, and the ROI will help you determine the types of attractions to offer. Be different, offer the latest and greatest: bright lights, LED, and group games are in.

The other change in consumer expectation relates to food and beverage offerings. Favorites such as pizza and burgers will always be popular, however consumers are now looking for new elevated F&B options. Salads, bowls, tacos and signature drinks could all be valuable additions to your menu. An elevated F&B offering also encourages increased guest spend and keeps customers in your facility.

By constantly evolving your FEC to meet your customers desires, you will not only increase repeat visits of current customers, you will also gain new customers and keep them engaged and spending.