Control Your Cash
This educational post was provided by CenterEdge Software.

Controlling the cash flowing through a family entertainment center takes a village — well, a team that’s all on the same page to be exact. But with a good policy, the right culture and a few key techniques and tools in place, you’ll be able to focus on the fun rather than worrying about money going missing. Whether you’re an owner, manager or team member, these six cash control best practices will help you keep an eye on the cash and avoid the blame game should something not add up.

Obscure the Movement of Cash

Move cash inconspicuously. Don’t use standard bank bags and vary your transport methods so anyone watching won’t be able to determine patterns.

Limit Access to Cash

Clearly define who has access to tills, the cash room, and banks; never ask team members to share responsibilities. If you’re assigned to tag-team a monetary task, red flag it to your supervisor!

Insist on Accountability

A single cash manager should be assigned for each shift to issue tills, access the safe, make change, cash out team members, do cash drops, and make the deposits.

Install Security Cameras

Let’s face it, cameras can feel creepy. But with super busy teams focused on delighting guests, it is the one rock solid way to a keep watch on important spaces — from sale stations to the cash rooms.

Identify Risky Behaviors

See something a bit off? If you notice any unusual behavior or activity like misuse of discounts or security rights, report it to your supervisor immediately.

Have a Clearly Defined Process

Give your team confidence that the process is secure and that overages or shortages will be handled appropriately.

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